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  定语从句:  (一)基础:引导词---who, which, that, whom,  练习1.I like cities___________are quiet and clean.  2.I prefer students _________are hard- working.  3.I hate TV shows _________ are noisy and boring.  4.The music __________ is gentle and quiet attracts me a lot.  5.The food __________tastes delicious is not always healthy.  6.Those boys ___________ are playing basketballs over there are from Class Fifteen.  7.The books ____________ are written by Lu Xun are worth reading.  8.The town ___we visited last week is much larger than before.9.The book ___ he bought is very interesting.  (二)特例:只用that的情况  1先行词被___________或___________所修饰,或本身是______________________时,只能用 that,  2.被修饰的先行词为 ________________________________________________等不定代词时, 只能用 that.  3.先行词被 _____________________________________________等词修饰时,只能用 that,而不用 which。  4.先行词里同时含有______________________,如I can remember well the persons and some pictures that I saw in the room.  5. 以______________________引导的特殊疑问句,只能用that.如: Who is the girl that is crying?  练习  1. I am interested in everything___ is about the 2006 World Cup.  2. Is there anything___I can do for you? 3. This is the very bike ______I lost  4.To my surprise, he gave me nothing __ I need. 5.This is the best dictionary __ I have ever used.  6. He was the first person _______passed the exam.  7.He talked happily about the men and books________interested him greatly.  (三)whose  1. The student ______father works in the factory is sitting there.  2. I like the rooms ______windows face south.3. This is the desk ______legs were broken.  4The woman ___ umbrella you took is angry about it.5.Here comes a girl ___ handwriting is the best .  6The banana __skin is green can’t be eaten.7That tall tree _ leaves are yellow is very old.  (四)从句谓语单复数由先行词确定,时态由从句时间状语决定,不必跟主句保持一致。  1-He is one of the boys who ____ (doesn’t, don’t) finish doing homework.  2-I like films which ____(be) exciting and interesting.  3-Children who often ____(eat) junk food are easy to become fat and unhealthy.  4-That boy who _____(run) fastest is from our class.  5Those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)  6The trees which _____ (be) watered yesterday belong to them. 7The man who ____ over there is our teacher.(stand) 8Those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)  9Mr. Brown is one of the foreign experts _______ _________ (work) in China.  10I’m one of the boys ______ ________(like) English best.  (五)“介词+关系代词”注意: 介词的选用要考虑:  A.与先行词的搭配关系  1)I will never forget the day __________ I joined the army.  2) I will never forget the days ______ I worked here.  3) I will never forget the year ____________ my son went to college.  B. 与谓语动词的搭配习惯  1)Have you found the book ________I paid 29 dollars?  2)Have you found the book ________I spent 29 dollars?  3) Have you found the book _____________we learnt a lot?  4) Have you found the book _______she often talks?  关系副词的用法  练习:  1. It must be a good place ________________we can do a lot of exercise.  2.This is the village _________________we visited last week.  3.The house _______ we live in is very big./ The house _______ we live is very big  4. The woman ___________ talked to you just now is a doctor. The woman ______ you talked to is my sister.  The woman to ___________ you talked is my sister.  5. This is the hospital ____________ I was born in.  This is the hospital in _________I was born. This is the hospital____________ I was born. [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.初一英语Our animal friends的测试题 2.社交形象测试题精选 3.小学练习测试题精选 4.初一政治上册试卷测试题 5.高一数学上册期末测试题参考 6.初一英语总复习试题推荐 7.八年级上册数学测试题答案 8.九年级上册化学综合测试题【附答案】 9.广州初一英语定语从句试题 10.初一英语试题填空