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  英语句子填空  Once there was an old man in a town. He always forgot 1 things. So his wife al-ways had to say to him, “Don’t forget this!”  One day he went on a long trip (旅行 )alone. Before he 2 home, his wife said, “Now you have all these 3 . They are what you need for your trip. Take care of your things during the trip.” He went to the station, bought a ticket and 4 the train with it.  About half 5 hour later, the conductor began to see the tickets. He came to the old man and 6 , “Will you please show me your ticket?” The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets, but he could not find 7 . He was very worried. “I can’t find my ticket. I really bought a ticket 8 I got on the train,” said the old man.  “I believe (相信)you bought a ticket. All right, you don’t have to buy 9 one,” said the conductor kindly. “But how can I know where I’m going? I can’t 10 my station!” the old man said sadly.qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】精选  1. A. a lot of B. a kind of C. a piece of D. a pair of  2. A. got B. left C. went D. moved  3. A. money B. clothes C. tickets D. things  4. A. had on B. went on C. got on D. passed on  5. A. a B. an C. the D. this  6. A. say B. said C. says D. saying  7. A. it B. this C. that D. ticket  8. A. when B. till C. before D. after  9. A. other B. the other C. the others D. another  10. A. forget B. get C. remember D. see  Sam had a dog, Its name was Tod. it was very helpful, but it ate too much . So he didn't like it. he wanted to __1__ Tod. He __2__ Tod and put it in a small boat . he rowed(划)the boat to the __3__ of a big river. Just as he __4__ the poor animal into the river, the boat began to go down. __5__ the man and Tod __56__ into the river.  Tod was able to swim, __7__ Sam couldn't. The dog bit( 咬) the rope(绳子) and broke it . it tried its best to swim to __8__ Sam. The man was saved, so he was very thankful (感激的)to the dog, he didn't want to kill the dog __9__. From the on, he gave the dog as __10__ as it wanted.  1. A. sell B. buy C. beat D. kill  2. A. tied B. pulled C. pushed D. closed  3. A. front B. foot C. side D. middle  4. A. threw B. carried C. sent D. brought  5. A. Neither B. Nor C. Each D. Both  6. A. fell B. dropped C. lost D. jumped  7. A. because B. though C. but D. when  8. A. kill B. save C. meet D. hit  9. A. no more B. any more C. no longer D. not more  10. A. little B. few C. many D. much
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