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  英文个性签名怎么写呢 ?以下是小编整理分享的关于爱情幸福英文个性签名,欢迎鉴赏!qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】  1、You will not be the same as I think you want me.你会不会像我想你一样的想我。  2、让我来当你的谁 let me am your whoever  3、Bitch is affectedly unconventional biao子就是矫情  4、Each piece of the young will be old 每段年少都会苍老。  5、Learn to sorrow blind eye。学会熟视无睹对于悲伤。  6、 One life one love 一生一爱  7、Accustomed, one day.已经习惯了,一个人的日子。  8、Dance years. Stole many memories.婆娑的岁月,偷走了多少回忆。  9、If all are the play, why should we played a less realistic.如果一切都是戏,我们何必演的那么逼真。  10、Want to say goodbye may is not far. I believe that you can hear you.想说再见愿为时不远。我坚信你能听见。  11、Finally turn in the passing of time is not only just.最后转眼流逝的绝不仅仅是时光而已。  12、Thickly flood of sadness as the sea, like engulf chilled.密密麻麻泛滥的悲伤像大海一样吞噬冰凉。  13、I began to aphasia. Hiding in own corner of stability and calm.我开始失语,躲在自己的角落安定从容。  14、Indulges the missing pain troubled, inventorying has dripped lonely the rough sound.放纵思念痛苦的纷扰,盘点寂寞淌过坎坷的声音。  15、I do not just missed the past, also in miss past beautiful good times.我不只是在怀念过去,也在怀念过去美丽的好时光。  16、Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever.是谁赐我们遇见 却不一并赠我们永远。  17、It is better to be an original version of yourself than an exact …做你最原始的自己,比做任何人的复制品都来得好。  18、When it comes to love the people, the world is most beautiful landscapes are rendered.当遇上喜欢的人、世界上最美丽的风景都呈现。  19、Your eyes are any hint of warm not for me.你眼里的任何一丝温暖都不是为我而来的。  20、To look back, and saw one no longer young, never make public does not rise.再回首,看见自己不再韶华,再也张扬不起来。  21、As long as no death simply Fortunately.只要没死就还好  22、One person you loved is not love 万千宠爱也不及你一人疼爱  23、Love you more than myself 爱你胜过爱自己  24、North of the city to the north is not to miss .北城以北思念不归  25、Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind.青春不是一段年华,而是一种心境。  26、I am not lazy,i just really enjoy doing noting.我不懒,我只是喜欢什么也不做而已  27、Playing with my heart you can not afford to lose.跟我玩心你输不起。  28、Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦。  29、I look not beautiful but I have to do my own.我长得不美,但是我一直做我自己。  30、We hadd better struggle for the future rather than regret for the past.后悔过去,不如奋斗将来。  31、Tough times do not last, but tough people do.痛苦的时日不会长久,但坚强的人会一直坚强。  32、Time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people.时光的宿命就是见证人们的过错。  33、Hate missing, and a smile and min. 恨不知所踪,一笑而泯。  34、My heart beats for you 我的心跳动为了你  35、~ A boy can do everything for girl  36、Parted as friend and not because he had hurt.分手以后不做朋友, 是因为曾经伤害过。  37、The healthiest response to life is joy.对生命最佳的回应,是生活得很快乐。  38、Many things, it is to should be passes years precipitation will gradually becoming clearer.许多事情,都是要经过岁月的沉淀才会逐渐清晰起来。  39、Love is a dashed line, we in different paragraph.爱情是一条虚线,我们在不同的段落。  40、A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.活得长并不见得活得好,活得好就是活得足够长。  41、If you want to fly too high in relation to the horizon forget.如果想飞得高,就该把地平线忘掉。  42、Love, but not to talk, from no words to say nothing.爱情,不过是从无话不谈,到无话可说。  43、You said, I do not want you, you must not marry, let my life-long guilt.你说,哪天我不要你了,你一定终身不嫁,让我内疚。  44、I acted like it was not a big deal, when really it was breaking my heart.我装作一切都无所谓,虽然我已心力交瘁。  45、Live every day as the last day of life.把活着的每一天看作生命的最后一天。 [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.关于爱情幸福英文个性签名 2.有关爱情的伤感个性签名 3.英文个性签名 4.幸福句子个性签名大全 5.经典爱情个性签名语句 6.关于爱情格言的个性签名 7.qq个性签名爱情语句 8. 关于爱情的个性签名 9.英文经典爱情签名 10.英文的爱情签名浪漫伤感语句