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  Some people in the fierce competition of the rough waves swept away, has never recovered. Some people are against the tuyere, set foot on top, on the shore, they succeeded. Because they have much a stick to it. Forefront for them is not a stumbling block, but padding their own foundation.  Born easy, live easy, life is not easy. Life is a process of life. No wind, no rain? It is because of the baptism of wind and rain to see the colorful rainbow; With the pain of failure will taste the joy of success. Turgenev in the rudin, said: "although our life short and small, but great everything is caused by the hand of the people; a life, realize the lofty mission, that is their supreme happiness in life." We are to create this society, inevitably some injury, through the tears.  Time, fast turn, across one dream magic song.  Life, be about to rush out a way to! In order to cause, in order to struggle in life, despite losing a lot of, but is there will be! And are often more important than lost, it is the value and meaning of life.  Life is long, the years.  How can we predict the future? But only clear conscience my heart! Life, because there is competition, people have power; Life, because of the struggle, the people to the pursuit of excellence.  Smoke in life, like a cloud, the wind. Transient. "Only the people and the backing car, there is no reverse time and road", since we came to today, and possession of today's social status and responsibility, only forward, forward, forward again! Don't retreat. Young people, more important is to see tomorrow, seize today, forge ahead in the quiet, perhaps before the sun mountain tomorrow, you created a miracle again!


  Don't drop than wood sent to mountain, changping bacc the exhaust and the sea. Life is easy to fight old heart not old, is the so-called: never too old to learn, learn seventy also too few. Brief is life, but should not be in a hurry traveler, and it should be: June struggle of passion, such as fire, forward steps if the river waves, in the mountain mountain, the water cut of water! When we failure on the way of life, see more Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, shi tiesheng, Helen Keller... They are art and literature have these, but unfortunately in life. They bowed their heads? The fall? Complain about? Give up?  "Ups and downs of life," "I see the road, I will search up and down", "spring breeze willow ten thousand, millions of shenzhou ShunYao" poets are all in the pursuit of exploration. Life, have their own value. If a person can't make my life brilliant, but also have no reason to make it dull; Life can be ordinary, but not vulgar, vice; Life doesn't care about how much tear, and the process of lies in the pursuit of perfection and excellence!  Life is more precious than time. Life, the most dazzling is career. Life, the most happy is struggle.  Everyone has a tomorrow, everyone has a next year. A foothold today, look forward to tomorrow, based on this year, next year.  I believe that no matter how bumpy the road in the future, as long as you seize today, sooner or later, will taste the sweetness of life in the struggle. Seize the moment in your life, rather than waste a year in January!  The pursuit of positive, one percent of the hope may also become a reality; Passive waiting, ninety-nine percent sure will be ruined!


  Life is a long process, we have too many expectations, will inevitably encounter disappointments and frustrations. The ideal on the shelf, come back to find that we like a fish, always thought that I had wings are birds, but finally I know that I can't fly. Life like water, and sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear, we struggle against social this big VAT - "I often feel life owed me, why do people always happiness and joy than yourself?" In the face of setbacks, we complain about life deceives us, we thought there was no hope of their life. We often compared himself to lost the swan, but forget oneself want how to fly.  As a child, then established the goofy's desire. So many years, has been trying to, in insist, waiting for, has vowed to make yourself proud fly. But the difficulty and the setback already ambush all around, let's get stuck here. We have very strong telling myself, don't because at present small setbacks, but let themselves to give up the dream life? Even if life has deceived me, but this is not fearful; The enemy attack me, also is not terrible, terrible is betrayed our dream and gave up. Even live tired, live hard, also want to insist on your dream, give their best confidence and courage, toward a glorious and brilliant tomorrow. But few people do it?  But grew up, social this big cylinder multifarious colors, we see more dazzling. But we think the bottom of my heart has its own principle, can easily be tempted by the outside world? When looking back to the history's dust, always feel oneself still maintain magnanimous feelings from the past, still with his own emotion, but always failed for himself and guilty about ideal life. We should think like this: one failure is nothing, still remains the most quality of the things we do, we insist the dream is still the most valuable. With the accumulation of time, looking at others get summer fruit, they themselves are empty。 [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.高中励志的qy288 2.青春励志的qy288 3.励志的英语qy288 4.关于人生励志的qy288 5.伤感励志qy288 6.女性励志qy288 7.双语励志qy288 8.经典励志qy288 9.励志青春qy288 10.高中励志英语qy288